Silvia Campos-Gonzalez 

Since 2008 Silvia has been a freelance trainer, consultant and coach. She focuses on competence development and supporting change management processes in organizations.

Silvia brings many years of experience from her position as a department leader at the learning academy of a large German bank (Sparkassenakademie, Dusseldorf) where she designed and carried out central training programs.

In addition, Silvia is a member of the Best-Age-Network in Dusseldorf, Germany, where she advises companies for managing demographic changes, gives lectures, conducts workshops, carries out training and offers coaching.

In brief

Trains and coaches in German
Co-ordinator of the Best-Age-Networks in Dusseldorf, Germany
Communications specialist (training by Prof. F. Schulz von Thun)
Member of Demographics Experts e.V.
Certified Instructor (IHK)
Trained as a banker and banking administrator