Coaches of the Competence Development Network adhere to these principles:

As a Coach I...

... work to make my Coachees successful. Their goals and wishes are my guidance. (Principle of goal orientation)

...value the perception of my Coachees. They are the experts for their context and have all the inner resources they need. (Principle of subjective reality) with the complete person in their environment. I strive to fully understand their environment and support sustainable change.  (Principle of systemic approach)

...distinguish between the person and the behaviour; I provide the opportunity for the Coachee to view his behaviour from a different perspective.  (Principle of behaviour-focus)

...have an open-minded attitude. I am curious, empathic and respectful.  (Principle of non-judgemental attitude)

...facilitate a process of development. The Coachee is in control at all times and remains responsible for the outcome. (Principle of self-responsibility)


If you would like to know more about coach ethics please have a look at the
International Coach Federation's Code of Ethics here.