Developing business by developing people

Competence Development through Organisational Consulting, Training and Coaching

Developing the competence of your people and your organization is essential for establishing and maintaining a competitive advantage. 

We are the Competence Development Network and we offer a range of professional services from organisational development, such as the introduction of agile working; to capability and learning design; leadership development to coaching and consulting, all tailor-made to the specific needs and objectives of your organisation.

Common Methods, individual solutions.

The Competence Development Network is a team of skilled experts with a broad range of experience in helping companies create a competent foundation for achieving their goals. We work from our base in Munich, Germany and around the world with local experts. All of our trainers, consultants and coaches work according to the same fundamental values and use proven frameworks that are adapted to your needs.

Our website gives you an overview of what we offer. Please contact us to discuss the specific challenges you are facing and how we can work together to solve them. 

“Developing the organisation, transferring capabilities, improving skills and personal development are essential for successful business transformation. We can support you and your organisation in creating and sustaining a competitive edge.”
— Frank Busch, Director Competence Development Network

Watch us in action: